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There are many opportunities for you to serve your parish's needs.  Download a complete list of all the different ways that you could be making a difference in your spiritual community today!  Use the convenient file up loader located on the right to submit your completed form quickly and easily. 

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The library is located in room 4b in the parish hall, and is open during office hours, Tuesday through Friday, 10am to 6pm. There is a library checkout list.

Please, stop by the parish office to leave your information (name and phone number) so we have a record of who checks items out.

We are always looking for more Catholic based literature to expand our library.  Donations of books- adult, youth and children, CDs, DVDs and prayer cards are always welcome.  Monetary donations for the purchase of new books and administrative needs are also welcome. 




Five years ago, Sunday, September 12, 2010, St. Mary/St. Anne Catholic Church Library opened its doors for the first time.

How this all came about was due to a Catechism class given by David Charboneau. He mentioned an interesting book I thought I would like to read. He had the only copy. During the book discussion, he stated what we needed was a book cart to push around in the social hall after the Masses. He commented, “But, who would do that?” I responded, “I will!”

So, David spoke to Fr. Mark Guzman, our priest administrator, who said, “What we (the parish) need is a library.” Thus, the library was born.

Fr. Mark, who had been at St. Jude’s parish in Redmond, asked Julianne Mitchell, librarian, to come to St. Mary and help me get started on how to run a library.

When Fr. Jay DeFalco became our pastor in 2012, he donated his book collection, hundreds of them. There were also two priests who died whose huge collection of perfectly wonderful books were donated to St. Mary/St. Anne by their families and friends.

Originally, the library was given space in the Faith Formation pastoral assistant’s office. We had no money and/or resources, but our parish family came to the rescue and started by donating their books, and then more books, and then even more books. We couldn’t have survived without these generous donations. All we started with was about 500 donated books and two bookcases which had previously been used in the rectory. We now have many books, plus DVDs, CDs and tapes. The financial resources come from your donations. The proceeds always go ONLY to buy books for the library, which has grown ever since, year after year, after year.

Materials donated include everything from Bibles, Bible Study books, Catechisms, children’s books, books about the Catholic Faith and its history, all The Sacraments, Prayers, Healing, Mourning, The Saints, Christianity, Spirituality, Theology, Reference, The Popes, The Rosary, and a great range of other subjects.

The books are all sectioned off by subject matter to make it easier for parishioners to find what they are looking for. All items are checked to be sure they are up to our Catholic standards, then catalogued and shelved. Any item not appropriate for our library is re-donated to another community resource.

In the Catholic Northwest Progress, July 2012, Jean Parietti wrote an article, “Education, Inspiration on Tap at Parish Libraries.” She included the St. Mary/St. Anne Library in the article. Margaret Davey, a parishioner and continuing library volunteer, whom she interviewed said, “Out here in Marysville there are no Catholic bookstores, and the public library has only a small collection of Catholic books.” She continued, “Traveling to Bothell or Seattle to get to a Catholic bookstore can get expensive, and so can ordering books online. And, for one who reads at least one spiritual or church-related book a week, having a library in my church serves as a valuable resource.” When I was interviewed for the article, I mentioned, “I think a church library is really important for people who are searching and don’t know where to get information about the Catholic Church- whether they are Catholic or seeking to become a Catholic or a former practicing Catholic thinking about returning to the Church. They get hooked and they become regulars, so I know it is a good thing.” The library doesn’t charge a fee for returning books late, but I’m thinking it might be a good idea to assign a penance for late returns- something like, “I will never again return a book after its due date,” written one hundred (100) times. (:-)

The library couldn’t exist without the volunteer help of our devoted parishioners, both past and present: Louise Burke, Diana Bustos, Dorothy Dixon, Margaret Davey, Susan Eischen, Pam Grumbach, Jeannette McGourty (deceased), Pat Mantow, Stephanie Pruitt, Dixie Radcliffe, Helen Pat Riechel, Maria Smyrl, Terry Snodgrass, Patti Young, and last, but not least, our only male volunteer, Arthur Buonamio. St. Joseph’s House has donated many items to the library such as a bookcase, etc.

Joan Erpenbach (deceased) donated a bookcase and the library desk, and, last but not least, Virginia Grace, Erin Grace, John Hodgins, Jeanie Kitchens, and The Knights of Columbus have supported the library anytime we needed their assistance, always willing and happy to do whatever is requested.

We thank everyone for their continuing support. The library wouldn’t be what it is today without our generous parishioners’ donations of books, monetary contributions, our volunteers and all those others who have contributed their time and talent to help make the library the wonderful resource for information on Catholicism it is today.

We all are most enthusiastic about St. Mary/St. Anne having a parish library and urge us all to READ, READ, READ! The continued success of the Library is in your hands! Volunteers are always needed.


To see the subjects of the library material, please click HERE.

To see list of material that we may have in the library, please click HERE. (Note: This list is not up to date, but please ask the office to see if we have it.)




 -Alter Server and Acolyte, Alter Society, Sacristan, Ushers, Greeters and Welcoming Committee, Lectors, Music Ministry, Extraordinary Ministers of the Eucharist

Ministry of Communication


Youth Ministry


Outreach Ministries:

 -Backpack Ministry, Homeless, Pregnancy Aid, Pro-Life, St. Vincent de Paul


Ministries of Community:


- Hispanic Community, Filipino Community



Knights of Columbus

The Knights of Columbus is the world’s largest Catholic fraternal service organization, founded in Founded by the Venerable Father Michael J. McGivney in New Haven, Connecticut, in 1882, it was named in honor of the mariner Christopher Columbus. Originally serving as a mutual benefit society to low-income immigrant Catholics, it developed into a fraternal benefit society dedicated to providing charitable services, promoting Catholic education and actively defending Catholicism in various nations.

courtesy Wikipedia:

St. Mary is home to the Fred Harrington Council #7863.


For more information about our council activities and how to become a knight email : [email protected]






Legion of Mary


  • What is the Legion of Mary?

The Legion of Mary is a lay association dedicated to spreading the Gospel message through prayer, evangelization and works of mercy, under the special patronage of our Blessed Mother. Legion groups place themselves at the service of their pastor and work under the direction of a spiritual advisor. Our priest is the director of our group. Members meet once a week and agree to perform a couple of hours work each week. Evangelization is a primary focus. One of our current tasks is going door to door in the community inviting people to our church. Being a part of the Legion of Mary is a great way to live out your Christian vocation.

  • How can I join?

Legion membership is open to all practicing Catholics. To join, simply begin coming to our meetings. We will be happy to have you with us. We begin each meeting with the rosary and then move on to talking about our weekly work.

  • When and where does the Legion meet?

Our meetings are held every Tuesday at the main hall.

If you are interested in joining the Legion, please download and fill out the form here.

Links for the Holy Rosary:
Enlaces para Rosario en Español:





Perpetual Adoration


  Perpetual Adoration is a Eucharistic devotion whereby members of our parish unite in taking hours of adoration before the Most Blessed Sacrament, both during the day and throughout the night, seven days a week.

  You are free choose any hour or more that you wish.

  Your prayer in this hour could be the most effective volunteer time you spend.


Charismatic Ministry

 Catholic Charismatic Renewal is a spiritual movement within the Catholic Church that incorporates aspects of both Catholic and charismatic practice.[1] It places an emphasis on having a personal relationship with Jesus and expressing the gifts of the Spirit. We hold prayer meetings outside of Mass and feature such gifts as prophecy, faith healing, and glossolalia. Charismatic worship is described as uplifted hands during songs and audible praying in tongues. What distinguishes a charismatic movement is the surrender to Jesus in all parts of life.


Cleaning, Decorating, Hospitality, Kitchen


Volunteer your time and your talents!

There are many opportunities for you to serve your parish's needs.  Download a complete list of all the different ways that you could be making a difference in your spiritual community today!  Use the convenient file up loader located on the right to submit your completed form quickly and easily. 

Download the Volunteer Form to choose what the Holy Spirit moves you to. Click HERE for PDF format, or Click HERE for the MS Word format.