St. Anne Mission

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St. Anne Committee at work!

In an attempt to make more room in the hall, we are putting up a STORAGE SHED and tearing down the internal walls of the hall.

THE BELL PROJECT is finally happening!!! The building structure will be repaired and bell will be repaired and installed…

Thank you Mark Brown for taking the lead on these projects and putting in many hours gathering bids, putting together plans and working with departments for necessary paperwork, permits, etc..

Construction will be in Nov and Dec 


October Greeters: Jonathan and Isaias
Thank you all for your ministry


to Bryan and Pat King for spending many hours weeding the St. Anne garden/yard

 If you are interested in helping coordinate the Giving Tree this year, please contact Diann Mize

 Save the Date!

Sunday, Oct 20 9:30 am

Volunteers needed to help plant our Rain Garden.

Bring your gloves and shovels if you have them.

 Are you crafty? Do you bake? Do you have “reusable” gift ideas around the house?

Please donate your time, stuff and talent to our Annual Christmas Bazaar.

For more information contact Pauline Williams 512-633-8044 

 Do you have family members who need Sacramental Prep or Faith Formation?

Do you know someone who does?

St. Anne can help!

Contact Lesa Roehrich 360-581-8212 [email protected]

Classes are Wednesdays 4 – 5 pm in the St Anne Hall Starting Sept 25

Family Activity Resource

Thank you Greg...

...for putting up a safety light on the hall!!

Check out the portrait in the Hall honoring all of the priests who have served at St Anne.


The ideal spiritual guide for your children, perfectly adapted to their lives 

 Looking for some daily meditations?

Visit Brother David and read the Word of the Day on 


 Join us every Saturday after Mass for dinner and dessert.

It is free!!!

Donations of food are welcome but not required.

 Support your parish while you buy  online.

Use this link when buying from Amazon and 0.5% will come to St. Mary's


Please consider signing up for online giving transfers…  

Thank you for your Stewardship  

 St. Anne Contact List

  • Pastor: Fr. Peter Mactutis 360-653-9400
  • St Mary/St Anne Pastoral Council: Judy 360-926-6369
  • Tribal Liaison: Bill 360-386-8808
  • Sacristans/Eucharistic Ministers: Dan 360-581-8216
  • Lectors: Diann 360-658-0181
  • Catechism/Sacramental Prep: Lesa 360-581-8212
  • Hospitality: Pauline 512-633-8044
  • Altar Décor: Joan 360-403-5574
  • Facilities: Greg 425-350-6779
  • St Mary/St Anne Finance Council: Terry 360-653-2384
  • Music/Liturgy & Bulletin: Colleen 360-653-8279


Saturday Vigil Mass: 5:30 pm
Reconciliation Saturday: 4:30 pm