St. Anne Mission

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We are collecting food for the Tulalip Food Bank the first Saturday of every month.

There is a collection bin in the hall.. Your support is appreciated

Liturgical Moments

Conversation Starters: Promoting Family Communication

The art of conversation is largely the art of asking good questions — ones that draw out others' thoughts, feelings, and experiences.

The following conversation starters can be used in one-on-one interactions between parents and kids, spouses, and friends or as group topics at mealtime or any other gathering.

1. What was the best part of your day?

2. What was the hardest part of today? How did you deal with it?

3. What's the good news and the bad news from today?

4. What are you grateful for today?

5. What happened today that you didn't expect?

6. What's something you learned today?

7. What was an interesting conversation you had today?

8. What's something you accomplished today?

9. How did you help someone today, or how did someone help you?

10. What is something someone in the family did recently that you appreciated?

11. Who has a problem that the rest of the family might be able to help with?

12. What's a book you're reading now or have read during the past year? 

February Greeters: Judy Joseph Family

If you would like to volunteer to be a greeter, Please contact Patty Manning 

 Join us every Saturday after Mass for dinner and dessert.

It is free!!!

Donations of food are welcome but not required.

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Join St. Anne as we Pray the Rosary before Mass at 5 pm 


 St. Anne Contact List

  • Pastor: Fr. Peter Mactutis 360-653-9400
  • St Mary/St Anne Pastoral Council: Judy 360-926-6369
  • Tribal Liaison: Bill 360-386-8808
  • Sacristans/Eucharistic Ministers: Dan 360-581-8216
  • Lectors: Diann 360-658-0181
  • Catechism/Sacramental Prep: Lesa 360-581-8212
  • Hospitality: Pauline 512-633-8044
  • Altar Décor: Joan 360-403-5574
  • Facilities: Greg 425-350-6779
  • St Mary/St Anne Finance Council: Terry 360-653-2384
  • Music/Liturgy & Bulletin: Colleen 360-653-8279


Saturday Vigil Mass: 5:30 pm
Reconciliation Saturday: 4:30 pm