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For parishes
We pray that parishes, placing communion at the center, may increasingly become communities of faith, fraternity and welcome towards those most in need.


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Live Mass Online AND Daily Reflections (Facebook)

If you are unable to come to Mass, we invite you to watch the Mass live through our Facebook page every Sunday at 10am! Click HERE to open the page




Donations:  Please remember we still depend on your generosity:.

  • To donate by text: Text your donation amount to 833-879-6191 (After registering/donating the first time, any time you would like to donate again, text an amount to that number, and it will process automatically.)
  • To schedule recurring donations: Please visit our onlinegiving page on our website. 


Donaciones: Recuerde que aún dependemos de su generosidad:

  • Para donar por mensaje de texto: envíe un mensaje de texto con el monto de su donación al 833-879-6191 (después de registrarse/donar por primera vez, cada vez que desee volver a donar, envíe un monto a ese número y se procesará automáticamente).
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If we cannot attend Mass on Sunday, what should we do?

Nothing can replace attending Mass, however, given these circumstances here are few things you can do:

Watch the Mass on TV:

Live Mass with Fr Peter: Sundays at 10am.

Live Mass with Archbishop Paul Etienne
Archbishop Paul Etienne, The Archbishop of Seattle Mass will be celebrating Mass via Facebook Live on the Seattle Archdiocese Facebook page
➢ When:  Sundays
➢ What time: 10:00a.m.

Press the following link to the facebook page: @archdioceseofseattle
(Read more for our Archbishop’s blog at: )

EWTN Mass:
On the Internet:
➢ English: EWTN_Watch_Live - Mass is at 5am, 9am, and 9pm

Comcast (cable TV):
➢ English - channel #233

DISH Network:
➢ English: channel #261

➢ English: Channel #370

Come to the Church to pray with Jesus in the blessed Sacrament
In addition to watching Mass on TV or online you can come to the church and spend time
with Jesus in blessed Sacrament. Just come and sit, meditate, contemplate and/or pray.


To read the readings:
The Sunday readings are available at:


Fr. Peter is live streaming his daily reflections on Facebook every day @ 12pm:




Remember we always need Good Stewards!


To help with:

• Stuff Bulletin’s each Friday
• Faith Formation
• Clean the Church each Thursday
• Cleaning the kitchen every month
• Donate food for Funerals
• Eucharistic Ministry to the Homebound
• Serving a Ministry in Mass
• Outreach Ministries: St Vincent de Paul, St. Joseph House, Two Hearts Pregnancy Aid, St. Mary Backpack

We are always in need of new faces to help with our Outreach ministries.

Please call the Parish Office for more information at 360-653-9400


Support your parish while you buy online.

Use this link when buying from Amazon and 0.5% will come to St. Mary's: