Alter Server and Acolyte

The role of the Alter Server and Acolyte is integral to the normal celebration of the Mass.

They carry the Cross and processional candles, they hold the book for the celebrant when he is not at the alter and they carry the incense and censer.  They carry the gifts to the alter after the priest receives them from the parishioners, they assist him by washing his hands and with any other need he or the deacon has.  They respond to all the prayers and dialogues along with the congregation as well as singing the hymns and other chants of the liturgy.                                                                              


Alter Society       


 On quiet mornings, as in many Catholic churches, silent disciples are at work. They dust, sweep, press and fold, among other inglorious tasks.  They provide and care for the linens, vestments, candles, flowers and the environment of  the altar of worship. 

This group is the “Altar Society” and they work to enhance the beauty of our Sacred celebrations.





Sacristans provide invaluable help to the priest by anticipating and preparing everything he needs to celebrate mass.  This allows him to enter into his own prayer before, during and after Mass, therefore helping him to offer a Mass that is more conducive to the prayer and holiness of the people gathered for the celebration. 

Besides helping the priest-celebrant, sacristans serve the entire community in the many aspects of a sacristan’s job, they provide essential help to the lectors, communion ministers, altar servers, music ministers, ushers – and all the other liturgical ministers.  By helping the ministers do their “jobs”, sacristans help the congregation to do their “job” – full, active and prayerful participation at Mass. While Sacristans may be leaders, they lead in the background.  A sacristan’s duty can be best summed up – “Love is in the details.” 




Ushers, Greeters and Welcoming Committee


 The greeters welcome the parishioners and newcomers to our parish as they arrive for mass trying to make them feel welcome. They pass out the bulletins, answer any question the parishioners may have and they direct visitors and newcomers to the parish hall for coffee, sweets and community.l a connection.  They pass out the Worship Aids at the beginning of each mass.  At the end of mass they 

 The ushers assist people in finding seating, take up the collections, facilitate the distribution of communion, and help pick up and organize the church prior to the next mass.




The Scripture, the church constantly finds nourishment and her strength, for she welcomes it not as a human word, but as what it really is, the Word of God.” The lector serves as a bridge between the scripture and the faithful, enabling the scripture to be the Living Word. They must attend mass regularly.They proc

laim the scriptures at Sunday and weekday masses, and read the intercessions and the announcements for the weekend.  There are two lectors at each Sunday mass . 

Training is provided.







Music Ministry





Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion

The Extraordinary Minister of Holy Communion must be in good standing and living in harmony with the teachings of the Catholic Church.  They must be able to receive the Eucharist themselves and be of sufficient age and maturity to perform these duties. This ministry must reflect the cultural diversity of the parish community and may be either male or female. 

These ministers aid, when needed, in the distribution of the Eucharist at all weekend and daily masses as well as other celebrations in which there will be the Eucharist.  They are also Lay Presiders who preside at Communion services and prayer services in the absence of the priest.  For the Communion service, the readings of the day are read, a short reflection is offered, and communion is distributed. The Extraordinary Minister brings prayer, the Word and the Sacrament to the sick and others who are not able to attend mass. Along with this outreach, people bring love, compassion, comfort, understanding, and listening skills. 

                                                                                       Training is provided.